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 InstaQuote Request Form

Would you like to learn more about the cost of your visit before Santa Albert comes down the chimney?   Santa Albert offers potential and existing clients an easy and convenient Instant Quote service. Follow these few steps to get your quote:

            -Look into the Santa Albert visit calendar (look for the calendar tab on our website or click on Santa's calendar) to check and see if your desired time slot fits within Santa’s busy visit schedule. If it doesn't, please send Santa's elves an email via our Contact Us link for additional information. (We may have an alternative for your request.

            -If it does, request an Instant Quote by using the simple form below. This convenient online form will allow the elves to happily calculate the cost of your visit with Santa Albert as fast as they can.  

The elves have several questions for you about: the location of your desired performance, the type of performance (is your visit personal, school-related or for a business), the start time of the visit, the number of child and adult participants visiting Santa, characters you’d like to see during your visit, whether or not you would like gifts distributed by Santa during your visit and more.

            Be sure to look for the new window that will open up after you submit your request. When that window opens you may need to scroll up to the top to find confirmation that your form has been submitted. Once your information is on its way to the North Pole, the elves will go about figuring the cost of your visit and get back to you as soon as they can and in a timely manner.

            Thank you for your patience; you’ll definitely be ending up on Santa's nice list this holiday season.    

       Santa Albert 

PS. Click on the photos below to view a small gallery of Santa Albert in action: visiting with children and reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas to a captivated audience.

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