Santa Visits - Santa Albert's FAQ's

Santa Albert's FAQ'S (Frequently Asked Questions) 


If your question is not answered here, please contact us    

1) Does Santa Albert arrive dressed in his suit and ready to perform, or do I provide a changing room?    
 In most cases Santa Albert arrives ready and dressed for your event. If he requires a changing area his elves will inform you prior to your event.    

2) Can I hire Santa Albert for 15 minutes?      
 Sure you can even have Santa Albert at your event for 5 minutes. We do have a one hour minimum charge.  

3) We are a nonprofit can Santa Albert perform at no charge?      
 In most cases Santa Albert will perform for valid Non-Profits at a reduced rate.  

4) Does Santa Albert carry Liability insurance?  
Yes, his elves will provide an additionally insured certificate when given 7 business days  notice. 
5) Can we take pictures/videos with Santa Albert ?    
Yes, only for personal use. If you are using Santa Albert’s image for promotional purposes, or are selling pictures with Santa Albert and your guests, please contact us.   

6) Do you have a photographer, provide backdrops, props, or a Santa chair for rent?    
Yes, we can provide digitally printed Keepsakes instantly for your guests to take home and Santa Albert’s Awesome Throne, backdrops & props to make your event an unforgettable occasion.   

7) Do I pay Santa Albert directly?    
 No, we  require a 50% deposit payable online and a signed Appearance  Agreement when making your reservation with the balance to be mailed within three days after his performance.   

8) Is Santa Albert pet friendly?    
 Of course, Santa Albert always arrives with special pet treats.  Please advise us in  advance to include your pets in images with Santa Albert.   

9) Does Santa Albert have experience with Special Needs children?   
Yes, we have been visiting families with special needs children regularly for over 25 years.

10) Do you have other Holiday Characters that can be added to my reservation?
Yes, We have several additional characters that can assist with activities and pose for pictures. For more information about those characters check out our Additional Holiday Characters page for more details.