Santa Visits - Santa Albert's Throne

Clients making a Santa reservation now have, as an option, Santa Albert’s “Magic Santa Chair.”  Families, or dear friends, who want lasting photo memories of this special occasion will definitely also want to include this colorful, appropriately festive decoration. Capable of seating up to four adults, and four children, plus Santa, it’s a must-have for those special holiday events.  With two adults (or older children) on each arm of the chair, and one to four youngsters on Santa’s lap, this chair truly brings Santa, and the magic of the holiday to life.  “What,” you may ask, “makes this piece of furniture magic?”  The “Magic Chair” has its own background story.  From the top, guarding Santa Albert's chair are five hand made working Nutcrackers. The wood, predominantly cedar, was milled from Santa Albert’s family property in Oregon.  After bringing the lumber to California, a local craftsman, using hard to find plans created by Santa’s elves, constructed the main body of The Chair.  Another local woodworker, using his skill with a computer aided router, designed and carved, directly into the raw wood of the backboard and side posts, figures of Santa’s sleigh, candy canes, and the words “Santa Claus”; all of which contribute to the twinkle in your children’s eyes.  Again, keeping the work close to home, a local upholsterer cushioned the seat and back so that Santa Albert may sit for extended periods of time without causing personal discomfort.  A very artistic elf, Ms Joy Brown, created the decorative patterns and color scheme.  She then, very lovingly, hand painted the entire chair, while adding just a sprinkle of Christmas wonderment in the execution of her task.  The chair was made sturdy enough to withstand over a thousand pounds of love, and it shows in those priceless photographic memories.  Wide-eyed awe, and a chorus of “Oooh – Aaah” are the most common reactions to this marvelous piece of accouterments. Please contact us to make inquiries regarding the cost, availability, or to add an extra flair to your affair.

Santa Albert's awesome hand made chair
Santa Albert's awesome chair. Hand painted by Joy Brown.
Hand made working Nutcrackers -
Santa Albert at his BEST
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