Santa Albert Photography

During  larger events guests will stand in line to have photos captured. Long lines are daunting to both children and parents causing guests to be uneasy.  With our NEW efficient equipment long wait times for keepsakes are 
Our new dye sublimation printer is designed to print 4 X 6 images as
quickly as 8 seconds. This allows us to quickly move thru long lines and to provide guests with a quality Keepsake quicker. 
Read more about it below. 
DS-RX1HS Dye Sublimation Printer from DNP
Dye Sublimation Printer

JULY 2019 we added a brand new DS-RX Dye Sublimation Printer to our photographic arsenal of tools. Creating a wonderful event printing station with the upgraded DS-RX1HS Dye Sublimation Printer from DNP. Capable of delivering 290 4 x 6" photos in an hour, this is an ideal option for high-volume printing scenarios. The dye sublimation thermal transfer method enables these high speeds while also permitting a high resolution of 300 x 600 dpi. Also, the full color ribbons feature an overcoat to keep images protected and allow for selection of either glossy or matte finish. It  produces 4 x 6" or 6 x 8" prints, as well as 2 x 6" in 2-up or 4-up configurations.

      More information about larger orders

Our INSTANT Keepsake Favor   

                       $15.00 each
                       (When ordering 1 - 24)

(1) 4" X 6" Portrait image

Displayed in a 5" X 7" professionally 

designed, folded card imprinted with red foil.

"My Visit with Santa"

Available immediately at your Celebration.
Makes a great party favor for your guests.

        SAVE 20% - 50% when pre-ordering 

        Advanced ordering and full payment required.

           Ordering 25- 49  images reduces 
cost 20%
$15 to $12 each. 

         Ordering  50- 99 Keepsakes receives a larger                     discount of 33%, reducing cost to $10 each.

          50% discount available when ordering 100 or                      more.  Reducing cost to $ 7.50 each.

     We can also order customized phrases on Keepsakes for  your celebration. As many as  four lines with  30  characters per line. We can also
include your company logo.

      This fee based customization feature is only allowed on orders  placed prior to November first with a minimum  of two weeks prior to any appointment and as our printers schedule allows.

    Contact us for further details or to begin your                  order.


Santa Alberts Keepsake Image for making your celebration an unforgettable memory.
   When ordering larger Keepsake quantities (25+) additional benefits are available. We will include Santa Albert's THRONE, A festive Holiday backdrop and professional photography lighting at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE to create the perfect image capturing environment at your celebration.
Ask us how YOU can choose your backdrop.
Clients can also order Santa Albert's THRONE and backdrops allowing guests 
to capture images using their own cell phones. 
Santa Albert's THRONE compliments your Keepsakes and can be included in your reservation for a seventy-five dollar fee OR for FREE when pre-ordering
25 Keepsake images or more.
Click an image for a larger view.
Here are backdrops available in 2021.  Included in your reservation
 for a one-hundred twenty five dollar rental fee OR for
FREE when ordering 25 keepsakes or more.

                                                           Click an image for a larger view.
Images of your guests are important to us. 
That's why we take pride in using CANON equipment.
We use Canon equipment
Our electronic equipment includes TAMRON brand lenses. 
Providing crisp clear images in every photo we capture.
Tamron Logo
Tanron lenses
Our electronic photographic equipment arsenal includes AlienBees™ flash units which provides powerful portable studio ease, with fast, accurate and versatile
 shadow free lighting. Included FREE with your reservation when ordering 25 keepsakes or more.